Health Benefits of a Smoothie

Making a smoothie every morning as part of a daily routine is perhaps the best expenditure of your time and money you can make. Anthony Robbins writes that you should "sell your car" if you still don't own a juicer. Even better, get a high end smoothie blender, and use it every day. Smoothies give you more fiber and nutrients than juice does, thanks Tony!

Do It Every Day

Make a routine out of it. Set apart 10-20 minutes every morning. When you do it like a pro and use our recommended fruits and vegetables you'll get the majority of your daily nutrition all before lunch. Further, the high water and nutrient content will keep you hydrated and provide you with a feeling of well being all day.

Better Than Multi-Vitamins

Despite what most people may think, popularly popped daily "multi-vitamins" aren't even regulated by the FDA and are not demonstrably proven to have significant health benefits. If you read through the papers published by the American College of Physicians in their Annals of Internal Medicine any type of multi-vitamin tablet has yet to be shown conclusively effective. The bottom line, the best way to get nutrition is from food, and by consuming a healthful smoothie every day you are getting most of your nutrition in one proven delicious dosage.

Achieve Optimal Performance

Consuming Raw Fruits and Vegetables in a smoothie every day will do several things for you:

  • Save you money and time
  • Ensure you are properly hydrated at the beginning of the day
  • Provide you with the full spectrum of nature's bioavailable vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants
  • Give you plenty of natural fiber to ensure excellent digestion
  • Provide you with the scientifically proven best "brain fuel" in the form of fructose
  • Help empower your immune system to protect you from illness