Should I use Fresh or Frozen fruits in a smoothie?

Many people assume that fresh fruit is more healthful. In fact, most fruit sold in stores is picked way before it's ripe so it doesn't expire before reaching the store shelves. Less time to ripen means less time to be fully enriched with all the nutrients that nature provides during the ripening process. Because fresh fruit often costs considerably more than it's frozen counterpart whenever you have the option to purchase a fruit or vegetable frozen this is usually the optimal choice...

Frozen is your friend

Not only is frozen fruit cheaper, according to the IFIC (International Food Information Council) frozen food has just as much if not a higher nutritional value than the "fresh" stuff you find on the shelves. This is because common fruits such as blueberries and strawberries are picked at their peak of freshness, then cleaned, packed, frozen, and sent right to the coolers of your store.

Frozen means less waste

Fresh fruit can go bad within days. Frozen fruit, however, when taken home and put in your freezer can last indefinitely. Further, I prefer frozen fruit because I don't have to wash or cut anything, saving up to 5 minutes of preparation time every morning. If you are busy like me, this is important.

Freeze and Save

Frozen fruits are cheaper, see the difference.


Fresh at local store 2.25 per pound (average)
Frozen bulk resealable bag 1.00 per pound (average)


Fresh at local store 2.50 per pound (average)
Frozen bulk resealable bag 2.00 per pound (average)

Where to buy?

Some of your normal grocery stores sell bags of frozen fruit. MAKE SURE to check the ingredients and only purchase ones without added sugar, the ingredients should be one thing: "Frozen strawberries, blueberries, etc".

Buying in bulk is almost ALWAYS cheaper. Even if you purchase fresh items such as kiwis or apples, you can always get it discounted by purchasing in bulk. Most warehouse stores such as Costco and Sam's Club have a great selection of frozen fruit in bulk resealable bags. By buying these you've cut your fixed costs by about 25 - 30 %... and you're on your way to becoming a smoothie making pro.

How to use frozen ingredients

As explained in our best blenders for smoothies article, one of the caveats of using mostly frozen ingredients is that you need a high end blender to be able to blend them properly. However, because of the time and money you'll save by buying frozen, getting a high-end blender is well worth worth it!